Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Cosmetics

These services are scheduled only on Fridays

Please keep in mind that all pricings are estimates.  The artist may at their discretion determine extra charges apply but will discuss these charges and their reasonings with you beforehand. Permanent cosmetics are subjective to the person and depending on things the artist may not be in control of(hormones, medications you are on, if you follow correct aftercare instructions, ect) and therefore are nonrefundable.


Microblading, feather eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, 3D brows, or the 6D effect, no matter what name it goes by microblading is an artist applying a personalized pigment to a client’s eyebrows using a fine bladed hand tool meant to simulate the look of natural hairs in the eyebrow.

This is a great way to naturally enhance eyebrows, help people with alopecia, people who have overplucked their eyebrows, or with sparse eyebrow growth achieve a natural or fuller/bolder look.

$375 includes initial procedure, one touch up appointment to be scheduled 6 weeks after the initial procedure for $50.

Microshading or a Combo Brow

Microshading is for people looking for a bit of a bolder look.  Microblading and microshading can be combined to create a more natural look.  Shading simulates the look of powder brows.  Think of what it looks like when someone fills in their brow with makeup.

$450 includes initial procedure, one touch up appointment to be scheduled 6 weeks after the initial procedure for $100.

Touch Up Appointment

Touchups for a microblading appointment are $250, for a combo brow or shaded brow it’s $250.


There are 5 different types of eyeliner procedures to choose from.  Each is as equally fabulous as the next!  From almost imperceptible to bold and stunning there is an eyeliner procedure out there for everyone.

Eyelash Enhancement

This is the most natural of all the eyeliners!  Your artist will go through and very carefully create a thin line right inside the lash line.  This gives the appearance of thicker, darker lashes, and brighter eyes.  Not only is this great for every day wear on women, its also fantastic for gentlemen too who want to draw more attention to their eyes without the use or appearance of makeup.

Traditional Liner

This type of liner is perhaps the most common and popular.  We will draw on a slightly thicker liner on the outer part of the eyelid, then gradually taper it just past the middle of the eye into the eyelash.  This helps give the eye an almond shape(The most popular eye shape).

Thick Liner

The thickness of eyeliner can help make eyes appear bigger, smaller, or a different shape all together.  We will determine if we want the thickness across the whole eye, in the middle, or have the bulk of thickness just on the outer part of the upper eyelid(which is by far the most popular choice!)

Extended or Winged Liner

Extended or winged liner extends the liner out past the outer corner of the eye and can be subtle or a very bold look.

Bottom Liner

This type of liner speaks for itself.  We can apply liner on the bottom lashes in the eyelash bed itself for a more natural and understated look or right under the lashes for a more noticeable effect.

$225 for upper or lower, $375 for both, one $50 touch up appointment to be scheduled 6 weeks prior the original procedure.

Lips and Lip Liners

Lip color and lip liner is a great way to enhance the natural lip, minimize full lips, correct uneven lip lines, and balance an uneven appearance.  You can be as subtle or as bold as you want!

$300 full lip color with liner, $200 for liner, due to the fact that lips are a muscle and do not take color the same way skin does lip color can take 2-3 appointments to achieve a fully saturated pigment, because of this and the amount of work, product a lip procedure requires all touch ups after the original appointment to achieve desired look are $300.

Areola Restoration

When the reconstructive surgical process of breast reconstruction is complete, there is a nice breast mound, often with a surgically created nipple, but no color as is found in a natural breast areola/nipple complex. Using skin tones as a guide for color selection and careful measurements to ensure the correct size and symmetry of the areolas, a specialized process of shading and highlighting creates an amazingly realistic areola.

$600 for both, $300 for one only, one complimentary touch up appointment to be scheduled 6 weeks prior the original procedure.


That’s right!  You read that right!  Freckles. I can happily give you semi permanent freckles anywhere you want them and as many as you want. I have even given someone freckles on their ankle in the shape of the astrological sign. You name it I can give them to you!

Pricing for this service varies but starts at $100.

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